Warrior Krown Hockey Helmet Cover

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Warrior Krown Hockey Helmet Cover

Warrior Krown Hockey Helmet Cover

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The common things of curling and ice hockey are that they both ice sports and Olympic events, also they are group events

In general, the ice sports include curling and ice hockey

A. Ice Hockey mainly depends on teamwork, and the goal is to score the ball into the other team's goalmouth. While curling was mainly the competition of technical, tactical and psychological qualities, aim to put their pot into the center of the circle, while as many as possible hit the other pot out off the center of a circle.

B. In ice hockey, the athletes should wear special skates, protective gear and clothing, armed with clubs and shot in the ice field. In ice hockey, the team hit more balls into the other goalmouth, and then they will be the winner. It is the world's most high-speed ball games.

Curling was also known as throwing curling, it is a unit of a throwing sport based on team, In Olympic winter competitions, there are men's and women's two small items. Curling is like a round pot, it was made by natural Scotland granite without mica, and all the world's manufacturing curling's natural granite are produced in a small island off Scottish coastal, only the Scots mastered the production of the world's top level's curling technology, with a circumference of about 91.44 cm, 11.43 cm in height and 19.96 kg in weight. The reason for brush is to reduce the friction of ice.

C. venues

In fact, the cross-section of curling track is U shape but not the level, it was not the ice-maker's failures, but reflect the professional standards of ice-makers, because the U-ice hit can help high athletes have curve ball.

Curling venue used an ice road with 44.5 m in length and 4.32 m in width. At one end of the Ice Road, there is a painting of a diameter of 1.83 meters in the circle, and it is used as the neutral zone, which is called home plate. At the other end of Ice Road, there also draws a circle and is called camps. The camp is a composed of concentric circles with 4 radius of 0.15 m, 0.61 m, 1.22 m and 1.83 m. After the Curling ball was thrown, if it didn't hit the avant-garde line or over the back line, there are treated as invalid.

Ice hockey rinks a length of 110 meters and 65 meters in width, at the middle line of each field, there both are the goal frames with 210cm in height and 360 cm in width, goal post and beams are made from 12 cmx12 cm wood. The rackets are also made from wood with 120 cm in length and 6 cm in width, the bottom is the shape of the arc with a weight of 450 grams.

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Warrior Krown Hockey Helmet Black
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