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Bauer Supreme Hockey Guard Sr Ctc

Bauer Supreme Hockey Guard Sr Ctc

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Hockey law is a typeof rules and regulations that players ought to abide by in ice hockey game.Therefore, understanding these is basicbefore hockey game.

We all know that players scram for ball drastically and confront powerfully and these just are the features of hockey game. In the volleyball match, both sides players more often than not require fierce ferocious tackle for winning the opposite side, competing a offensive or guard, or achieving a tactics coordinate or a skill behavior. Hockey competition allows reasonable collide but women's. In games, there is frequent body touch and effect to players' safety brought by ball arm brandish. So there must be a regulations abided by all athletes which can not only let both sides players fully exert level, but also guarantee the game under a reasonable and quits condition. Hockey rules are according to this principle.

Hockey rules are divided to 79 items 306 sincere. It stipulates the hockey competition precede method, the code of conduct athletes shall comply with and the disposal method of violation of these criteria. and judge's power and duty in or out the field. So, if we want to guarantee the competition perform smoothly and give full play to engineering level, we must comprehend and grasp these rules. Judgers, coaches and athletes should earnestly study and master the basic spirit.

1, The competition is divided into host and guest teams:

Usually the home team is at the left of the record seat is recorded and the right side is guest team. The guest has priority to make battle array and name list, select team seats and trikot color. There are 3 periods per competition and every bureau has 20 minutes. You can rest for 15 minutes in the break between the board. The game players first defend recent goal from his table as two teams exchange the court and begin to compete. If the game must have a winner, it will add an extra deciding set of sudden victory. We also call it gold ball If not, draw for a free kick. During stopping period, if the goalkeeper is not replaced, he can not go to players seats. Each team is allowed to have a 30 seconds suspension during games. And during suspension, all players (except punished players) can return to the team seats.

2, Off-side:

Tapping team players may not precede the ball into the attack zone. If the ball was passed or shot blue line by the offensive players, they should fight for the ball at the starting line.

3, Dead ball:

Ice area is delimited into halves with the red in the middle. Defending team start the ball from defending area on the red line. If the ball crosses the opposite goal line, it is dead ball. But if the ball went over the goal area or into the goal, it should not sentenced icing.

4, Hit:

As long as the ball is shot into goal by ice-hockey stick but not by feet, hands or others, you can obtain one grade.

5, overstep the boundary:

When the ball is out of the competition area or run into barrier, the competition should be stopped.

Hand passing:

Team members can stop or hit the ball by hands, but attack team players can not pass the ball to their companion in the central area and attacking area. If there are this situation, the referee stop the game.

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